Attention: Coaches, and course creators struggling with marketing, technology, and selling your services online, here’s…

An open invitation for 50 of you to…

Speed Up and Simplify Your Marketing

This unique AI-powered marketing platform accelerates and streamlines your marketing efforts by having everything you need in one place.

Introducing Strategic System AI™...

Easily manages, connects, and follows up with all your new leads, sales, and clients, all from one integrated, richly featured, and easy-to-use platform

Strategic System AI™ is the first AI-enhanced online marketing platform that “custom-tailors to your coaching business like a glove,” maximizing your opportunities every step of the way.


Waking up every morning feeling invigorated, excited, and knowing your coaching, consulting, or course-creator business is thriving.

Your marketing campaigns are automatically working for you, even while you sleep…

Attracting a steady stream of high-quality leads into your business.

Your sales funnels seamlessly guide prospects toward making purchases and becoming your new clients, even while you’re having breakfast.

Your email and SMS messages generate buzz while your social media presence grows stronger daily, even while running errands or at the gym.

Best of all, you never miss a single opportunity to follow up with your leads and clients, ensuring no potential sales slip through the cracks anymore.

Imagine all of this being possible through one powerful, integrated platform: Strategic System AI™.

Strategic System AI™ is Much More than a Software Platform.

Chris Koehl

Founder of Strategic System AI™

From the desk of: Chris Koehl

Date: Sunday, July 14th 2024

Hi, my name is Chris Koehl.

I’m excited to share the new Strategic System AI™ platform with you.

For the past two decades, I’ve been helping close to a few hundred coaches and information marketers - engineer, build, and optimize their marketing systems, campaigns, and sales funnels.

I’ve worked behind the scenes with some of the world's top people in their industries, engineering their marketing campaigns, systems, and funnels.

People like...

Fred Gleeck, Bob Bly, Bob Proctor, Rod Stinson, Todd Brown, Tim & Laura Sales, Frank Kern, Jeremy Miner, Todd Falcone, Brian Caruthers, Lanny Morton, Marisa Peer, James P. Friel, Yara Golden, Bill DeWees, Kevin Nations, just to name a few. 

Just know I’m super excited to share this with you.

With the new Strategic System AI™ platform, I’ll guide you toward rapidly achieving your business goals while eliminating the steep learning curve that often comes with marketing online and using the latest AI technology.

Say goodbye to the worries of technology and the struggle of making consistent sales.

I’ve got you covered so you can speed up your marketing, enabling you to launch new training programs, products, and services for your people fast.

First, let’s look at what makes the Strategic System AI™ program different from other tools in the marketplace.

See How The Strategic System AI™ Platform Could Change Your Coaching Business Forever

With Strategic System AI™, you have everything you need to generate fresh new leads, make consistent sales, and maximize your revenue all in one place.

Here’s what this three-step process looks like in your coaching business…

Step #1: Get qualified people:

It all starts with filling your pipeline with fresh new people interested in your offering.

And don’t worry…

If you’re unsure how to do this, we’ll show you how in our special marketing training center.

Keep in mind…

These people can come from anywhere and everywhere, such as direct mail, social media, paid ads, organic traffic, groups, etc.

Strategic System AI™ has you covered with landing pages, surveys, quizzes, web forms, SMS incoming, Facebook DM, WhatsApp, Instagram DM, and more.

Once these new people are in your Strategic System AI™ app, it’s time to help them by offering your coaching products and services.

Which brings us to…

Step #2: Moving people to buy:

Okay, you’ve got new people coming into your pipeline; it’s time to identify your best prospects.

This is done by monitoring your prospects' actions (or lack of.)

One of the great things you can do with Strategic System AI™ is create what’s called a workflow.

With our workflows, you can create actions based on your prospect's behaviors.

For example, if someone is opening, reading, and clicking on the links in your emails.

Strategic System AI™ knows this and can follow up specifically with these engaged prospects.

So, making your offers becomes more profitable because instead of sending everyone your offer, you’re only sending it to the prospects who are engaged with your emails and who want to go further with you.

Dan Kennedy calls this message to market match, and with Strategic System AI™, you can design this to work for all your marketing campaigns.

The truth of the matter is…

Not everyone will buy from you right away.

In fact, the average is about 15% of these people will buy from you within their first 90 days.

Then, the other 85% are most likely to buy from you within the next 18 months.

This leads me to my next point…

Step #3: Maximizing your revenue:

If we now know the majority of your sales will come in over the next 18 months, it would be wise to build a strong relationship with your people.

Here’s where Strategic System AI™ shines.

Unlike other systems that put everyone into the same follow-up campaign, Strategic System AI™ is different.

You can create specific follow-up campaigns that trigger real-time conversations with you.


Let’s say on day 90, your follow-up campaign sends out an email asking your people if they still have an interest in what it is you teach.

Then let’s say 10 people reply back and say yes.

These replies go into our “conversation” panel, and you’re notified in real-time via the desktop or mobile app.

Empowering you to have a real conversation with only people who are ready to take the next step with you at that time.

This is the power of Strategic System AI™.

Once you’re in a real-time conversation with your prospect you can then instantly trigger templates, automations, offers, and much more.

Demonstrating to your prospects and existing clients you’re there to serve them at the highest level.

Using Strategic System AI™ is your path toward higher conversions, consistent sales, and more revenue.

This is just the start of what you can do with Strategic System AI™.

Let’s look at...

The Strategic System AI™ All-In-One Platform

Let's get into how this powerful platform gets you into action fast and speeds up your marketing:

  • Strategic System AI Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Here’s where all your new leads and client information are managed, tracked, and nurtured. Know exactly where your leads are coming from, their interest, and where they are in your buying cycle. (a $199.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Pipeline: See exactly how your sales process performs in real-time. Shows you each contact in every stage. Track open, closed, and lost parts of your deals so you can optimize your sales process immediately. (a $199.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Phone System: Get custom phone numbers for all your marketing and business needs. Now, you can track all your phone calls, listen to your voice recordings, and track all your SMS text messaging activities in one place. Also, if you already have a business phone number, you can use it for outbound caller ID, so people know who’s calling them, and it’s not shown as spam. (a $99.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Inbox: In today’s fast-paced world, people are reaching out to you from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Tic-Toc, WhatsApp, Email, and SMS. You can receive all these communications in a simple-to-read “Strategic Inbox,” so you can respond immediately. (a $99.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Payments: Go from idea to cash in the bank. Simply connect your Stripe, PayPal, or accounts and start taking credit cards like Visa, Master Card, and Apple Pay. Now, you can start selling your products and services. No more waiting for your money. Get paid right away, including the proposals and invoices you send out. (a $99.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Workflows: Cut your time down dramatically because it’s doing all the work for you. Think of this like an automated assembly line doing all your custom activities for you, such as booking your appointments, responding to requests, and following up on your behalf. Never let your leads slip through the cracks again, causing you to miss the sale. You can automatically follow up with people based on their engagement, maximizing all your opportunities. (a $199.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Content: Moves the reader to become a new lead or client. This is done by creating awareness of your products and services through your content. Our AI system allows you to easily create strategic (high-value) content in less time. (a $99.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Sites: Build your websites, blogs, and funnels using our easy-to-use builder. No coder or programmer is required; simply drag and drop components onto your page and publish. Also, if you’d like me to build it, there’s an upgrade option. (a $299.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Forms: Create custom opt-in pages, surveys, and other forms to collect the data you want from your leads and clients. Again, no coding required. Simply drag and drop, publish, and you’re all set. (a $49.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Memberships: Build groups that work with your membership content, all in one place. This goes beyond the typical membership platform, enabling you to create a social, tribe-like feel for all the courses and training you create. (a $99.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Social: Helps you create all your social media content using AI and then allows you to automate posting your content to your social platforms on auto-pilot. (a $99.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Affiliate: Boosts your leads, sales, and referrals by offering an affiliate program for your products and services. Turn your clients into referral machines who are happy to promote you. (a $99.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Reports: Know what’s working in your marketing in real time. The entire system automatically does the tracking for you behind the scenes. Tracks all your calls, emails, SMS, sites, funnels, and pipelines. Plus, it tracks all your Google and Facebook paid ads, so you know which ads bring you an ROI on ad spend. (a $99.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Calendars: Now, you can use the power of AI to help book appointments without you being there. Our AI technology can help your lead or client book an appointment with you. Freeing up more time to work “on” the business instead of “in” the business. (a $49.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Mobile App: Runs your entire business from your phone. Get notified of leads flowing into your CRM. Access your Strategic Inbox so you can respond even when you’re out of the office. Trigger automations, send invoices, take calls, and much more, all from the palm of your hand. (a $99.00/monthly value)

  • Strategic System AI Video Player: Hosts all your videos for you. Plus, it tracks how long your prospects watch them and follows up accordingly! (a $149.00/monthly value)

Plus, much more.

That’s a total value of $2,034.00 per month, but you won’t pay anywhere close to that.

In fact, we’re…

Now Onboarding Our First 50 Beta Members!

Because we’re in beta and want to ensure our clients have an amazing experience, you have a limited time to secure your spot for only $499 monthly.

That’s a $1,535.00 monthly SAVINGS!

Here’s what you should know…

Once we come out of beta, which will be after we onboard our first 50 clients, the price will increase to $999.00 per month.

The reason for the price increase will be because of all the enhancements to the platform, as well as all the new marketing training we’ll be providing our clients.

Now, let me show you…

How To Get Started With Strategic System AI™

Getting started is simple.

Once you complete your order on this page, we’ll set up your Strategic System AI™ account.

You’ll then receive your login information via email.

Once you log in, you’ll have access to our “Quick Start” training, where I’ll walk you through setting up your system and explaining how everything works.

If you’d like help setting up your system, we have a “done-for-you” option, which is available in the training center for an additional fee.

And the beauty is you can be up and running within the next 24-48 hours.

If you’re not 100% sure this system is right for your coaching business, you’re also getting our…


30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Here’s the deal…

Don’t say yes today; SAY MAYBE!

Take the system for a test drive over the next 30 days.

Experience Strategic System AI™ for yourself over the next 30 days so you’ll know if it’s right for you.

If, for any reason at all, you’re not 100% over the moon excited with Strategic System AI™, simply cancel within the first 30 days by sending an email to support @

We’ll promptly refund your $499, and you will not be billed further.

This way, you risk nothing.

Right now, you have a choice:

Continue down the current path of tech and marketing frustration or embrace the power of Strategic System AI™ to accelerate and streamline your marketing efforts.

The time is now to secure one of these 50 beta spots.

Fill in the safe and secure order form below to get started.

Seize the moment, and let Strategic System AI™ pave the way towards speeding up and simplifying your marketing.

YES Chris! I want to be one of the 50 people who get beta access to this exclusive system, so I can lock in the beta price, and speed up and simplify my marketing in 2024...

You're just minutes away from launching your Strategic System AI™ platform.

I'm excited to have you join us, and look forward to helping you get more leads, make more sales and grow your coaching business revenue quickly.

Fill in the safe and secure order form below to begin.

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Here's what you're getting:

  • Strategic System AI Platform

  • Platform Training

  • Marketing Training

You have my risk free 30 day trial. Try out the software for the next 30 days, and if you're not over-the-moon excited about growing your business, simply let us know and we'll happily refund your monthly fee and cancel your account, no questions asked.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is Strategic System AI™ different than other CRMs, funnel, or website builders?

A: Strategic System AI™ is a combination of an all-in-one software platform plus the help and guidance from Chris Koehl. Software alone will not make you successful, regardless of how many shiny objects it has.

Working with a top-level professional like Chris Koehl, who’s been helping A-player coaches, consultants, and course creators for two decades, driving more leads, sales, and clients is key to hitting your business goals faster.

Strategic System AI™ is all about helping you drive more revenue fast, and we do this by providing unique marketing training you cannot get anywhere else.

This is because Chris wants you to succeed, so you share Strategic System AI™ with other people.

Plus, our training allows you to speed up and simplify your marketing.

What happens next when I sign up today?

A: When you sign up, we’ll create your account. Then, you’ll receive an email with instructions on setting up your account.

You’ll receive access to the software to start getting familiar with the platform. You’ll also be able to access our complete help desk with all the documentation on using each software function.

If, for any reason, you’re not happy with the platform within the first 30 days, you can cancel your account, along with a full refund for your membership fee.

Are there any extra fees besides the monthly fee?

Yes, there are. For the platform to do everything it does, it requires 3rd party systems, which run in the background.

These systems include the following:

Phone charges:

Making Calls = 0.028/min

Receiving Calls = 0.017/min

Text Messages = 0.0158/segment

$10 gives you about:

355 Making calls

590 received calls

635 segments

Email charges:

Email = 0.0014/email

Email Verification = 0.005/EmailVerification

$10 gives you about:

7145 emails

2000 EmailVerification

Advanced triggers & Actions charges:

Workflow = 0.02/workflow_premium_actions

$10 gives you about:

500 workflow_premium_actions

Content AI charges:

Words = 0.18/1000 Words

$10 gives you about:

55555 Words

Workflow AI charges:

Workflow AI = 0.06/workflow_ai

$10 gives you about:

165 workflow_ai

Conversation AI charges:

Conversation AI = 0.1/Message

$10 gives you about:

100 Message

NOTE: We deposit $10 into your account when you first take the 30-day free trial, so you can test out all the functionality of Strategic System AI™ on us.

What if I get stuck or need help with something?

A: Great question! You’ll have access to 24-hour support from our team, and we’ll reply within 24-48 hours, depending on if it’s after business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind Of Support Do You Provide?

Support is at the heart of everything we do so supporting you and your business is our top priority. We offer 24/7 email support as well as an easy-to-navigate comprehensive tutorial library for quick answers to your questions.

4. How Does Your Automation Work?

We provide comprehensive automation that will execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes. Our smart campaigns will put SMS, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls, and Calendar Appointments on autopilot.

2. How Do I Get Started?

Sign up for a Demo of our Gold or Platinum plan and see how easy our platform make business management. We hope you'll join us once you see how we can boost your business.

5. Can I Cancel My Account At Any Time?

You can cancel at any time. No need to worry about obligations or contracts.

3. How Secure Is My Customer Data?

In 2021, data privacy and security is every company's obligation. That's why we ensure compliance with all governing laws and regulations, as well as provide extra protection against security breaches.

6. What Platform Do You Integrate With?

Our integration spans across multiple platforms for simple and seamless automation. We use Zapier to automate between over 2000 other applications with ease.

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